About | Enchanted Caviary


Welcome to my Caviary. Enchanted (formally Dynasty) was officially established back in 2005 although I have been breeding off and on since 2001. I have raised several breeds including Abyssinians, Abyssinian Satins, Americans, American Satins, Teddies, Silkies, Peruvians, Silkie Satins, Peruvian Satins, Texels, Coronet’s & even Skinnies. I am best known for my prized dilute broken long hairs. I have been very blessed with many wins over the years and couldn’t be more proud of the work I put into the variety. When i first began looking for show stock I had my heart set on the Himalayan long hairs. At the time the only breeder raising this illusive variety was Tracey Corbeil, owner of Fort York caviary from Canada. Several years later Fort York dispersed her beloved himalayans but alas I was unable to acquire any of her stock at that time. It was only recently (late 2013 early 2014) that I was finally able to acquire some Himalayan Peruvians after all these years in the fancy. Alina Clark Mitchell, owner of Stylish Caviary, was kind enough to let me purchase a small herd of Himalayan Peruvians from her. I was also able to acquire a few animals from Carriage Hill’s Caviary that go back to Fort York. Thanks to Barbara Tidwell of Tennessee for letting these very important foundation animals come to live with me here in Georgia. I could not be happier than I am now with the animals that I finally have, my beloved Himalayan! My beginning with the Himalayan variety has been great to say the least. My home bred animals have placed very well in the few shows I have been to and the judges comments on my animals has been nothing but positive. Due to limited space in my caviary I now only raise a small handful of broken long hairs, the majority now reside at Red Barn caviary and rabbitry in Georgia and Crimson Caviary out of Alabama. As always I breed using the Standard Of Perfection as my guide in my Caviary. I travel to shows mainly in the South East as I am located in Georgia. I keep a herd of roughly 60 animals give or take. My caviary is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association as well as the American Cavy Breeders Association and has been since I started seriously showing back in 2005. I have kept my membership in good standing with both agencies for the last 9 years. I am also a member of the North Carolina Cavy Breeders Association, Tropigal Cavy Club, & Smokey Mountain Cavy Club.

Enchanted (formally Dynasty) has embarked on a new venture acquiring a new breed from a far away land. I am pleased to announce the addition of 2 lunkarya boars acquired from City Pig’s Caviary in Canada. These 2 boars will be the foundation for the creation of Himalayan lunkaryas. Kalusha’s Oblivion, the older of the 2, was shipped from overseas and came from Kalusha’s Cavies. The second boar was bred by Pierce Rees, owner of City Pig’s in Canada. This boar is also a tan pattern lunkarya. Please note that no offspring will be made available for sale for several years in order to build up stock to present to ARBA in hopes of one day adding the lunkarya as the newest recognized breed of cavy!