Caviary | Enchanted Caviary


This is the front view of my caviary. My husband built this as a dual purpose barn. It has a partition wall that divides the building into two sections. This is a side view of the barn. Its measurements are 16 x 20. The front section measures 16 x 10 and the back section measures the same
This is another side veiw of the barn. The back section which, is the cavy barn, is insulated all around and the walls are wrapped in house wrap and
heavy duty plastic.
This is an inside view of the cavy part of the barn. Notice that the ceilings are vaulted which I absolutely love.
A view of some of my stack cages. I have since added one more 30 x 24 5 stack. This is a view of my show stacker. Its measurements are 24 x 18 per cage and is 5 high on a 10 inch stand.
This is another view of the stackers filled with the cavies. All stackers are stacked 5 high and are on 10 inch stands. This is a view of the opposite wall now filled with show and breeder cages.
An updated view of the inside left back wall of the barn with the 3 breeder stacks that are 24 wide  by 30 long. Another view of the same back left wall.
An updated view of the right wall of the barn with 2 multi-use stacks that measure 24 by 24 and the one 24 by 18 stack used for pigs that are being coated out and shown. Flash forward a few years and now we have divided the 2-24 x 24 cages into a 10 show holes each for a total of 20!
A more recent look into our caviary now infiltrated by the illusive himalayan peruvians 🙂