Policies | Enchanted Caviary


Sales Terms

Sale Pending: Waiting for deposit
On Hold: Deposit was received
Available: Not on hold & not pending.

I will put an animal “On Hold” for 14 days for half the purchase price as a  non-refundable deposit until arrangements have been made for transport of the animal.

All mismarked Himalayan’s are $30.

All well pointed Himalayan’s begin at $50 and go up from there.

I reserve the right to refuse any and all sales.

*Shipping Information*

Shipping is available out of Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta Georgia. A minimum purchase of 3 cavies are required for shipping to be considered.  Continental is the perferred shipping agency. All items such as carriers, feed dishes, water bottles, bedding, health certificates, and the cavies themselves must be paid for in advance and shipped to me well in advance of the shipping date. All arrangements are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. A $30.00 charge for transport to the airport is required without exception. Shipping is only available during the cooler months due to health risks associated with shipping during the hot summer months.